Monday, February 14, 2011

Monthly Massacre

So anyone else wonder why we celebrate love on this once-was brutal murder of about 7 people by Al Copone as well as others involved? Hence the name St. Valentine's Day massacre.
Either way, speaking of a bloody "battle", I know all or most of you women are dealing with or have dealt with the bloody battle every month. You see those commercials on TV about "Mother Nature" and her "gift" and pads and then there are those tampon commercials as well.
Speaking of tampons, you ever notice that the tampon in fact looks like sperm? Anyone else besides my crazy self notice that? We are putting a sperm look alike in our Lady Gaga every month! Ha, had to do it, sorry!
The question is though, has there been a PERFECT pad/tampon that does not make you feel like you are wearing a diaper or go along with the Luvs diaper logo that they promise or guarantee they won't leak?
I grew up wearing pads (yes, TMI for some, but who cares...don't read ha ha) and I've always (ha) used Always brand. For me they seems alright but there were instances that they didn't always hold or they would rub my inner thigh...those damn wings. I am not planning on flying so get them off my pads!
Now, for tampons, they do the same...they still leak. Yes, you have limits on some but they FINALLY came out with the Ultra and that is the MAX hold. To be honest, they STILL leak. I have always gone with Playtex as I am not a cardboard applicator type of girl. Ouch and power to you for those that are. When times are calling and that is all I got, then that is what I will use until the plastic applicator God shows her face! I've even tried the Playtex Sport ones as well that SWEAR you can do all sorts of activities and sports while wearing them and have no embarrassment. Uh, ya right!!!!
I even went so far as to try the Instead Cups. Haven't heard of them...?? They are supposedly the BEST thing for women from what I hear. As a member of a mommy forum, I have read from at least 85% of moms who LOVE these cups because they are 12 hour and no 8 hours like tampons and you don't have to take them out to do the deed with dear hubby/significant other. Also, they are not supposed to leak as well because they hold quite a bit. Let me tell you something, they do hold but they still leak and they are a DISASTER to get out unlike tampons.
So the question remains for you women out there, what is the best pad/tampon you have tried or use??? I'm always up for a change.
I love having that monthly gift because it reminds me I am a female, a mom and lets me know that I am fertile (because I am very regular)! I do hate, though, driving down the road on vacation and having to pit stop every 2 hours instead of 4-8 hours to change (you ladies know what I mean). I also hate going to the grocery store, standing in line and HOPING that it holds and I won't be making a mad dash to the bathroom. You know, you tie that sweater around your waste or even make sure to wear long shirts and baggy pants. Who wants to see your panty lines...let alone your pad lines!?!?!?
Okay, just had to get it off my mind!

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