Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 07: Generations

Kelly from Willette {Classic Children's Portraiture} is hosting this Joy of Love course for the entire month of February.

Okay, for those that are so lost without day 7, here it is. My computer has been running slower than molasses on a cold winter day, so I have been clearing some files off it. In the process, I ran across one of my favorite photos I took back in January.

It is a photo of my grandpa and my son in my grandpa's bedroom watching TV while reading magazines. They do this each time we are up for a visit and it is just too darling! I am so glad he gets this time with his great-great grandpa.


Chris said...

I just love this photo - they're both so content sitting with each other!

Teresa said...

They do this every day we are visiting them. It is so great to see them together and my grandpa LOVES's why he has so many great grandchildren!