Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Have I Been Up To

I haven't been up to much, that is for sure.
I have been TRYING to make baby cocoons for photography props for a good friend of mine and through trial and error, I think I have it down.
I have been staying in side, bundled under my blanket with my pillow on the couch watching House Hunters and House Hunters International. LOVE those shows.
Today, I have especially been staying inside because the roads are like ice rinks and very dangerous. Also, today, I have been sounding like my mother. Yup, the dogs were doing something and I went to get onto them and about 5 names came out of my mouth BUT their names. What the heck?? It is called "mommy brain" or I just have too many people/animals in my house to keep track of.

I was supposed to have a job interview today but that got cancelled due to the bad weather. It is 18* and very high winds today. I hear it feels like 5* out there and knives hitting you in the face due to the wind. I also hear the snow is very dry and not snow at all. Wait, what??

Hope all you Texans or northerners with cold weather are staying safe and warm and for those with nice warm temps, shove it! LOL

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