Tuesday, February 8, 2011

May be MIA and behind

I am 4 days behind in the "Joy of Love" workshop I have been involved in as well as behind in the 30 day song challenge I have been posting.
All this because more marital issues have arrised, bad weather keeps on hitting us as well as this lovely mess in our garage (and that is not including what all happened today)
water coming out of the light bulb area and parts of ceiling and the part above the motor fell today and made a BIG mess

right as you walk out into our garage from the house.
Insurance says it may take a few days to get an claims adjuster to look at the damage due to many incidents like this in the area. They said they had to call in reinforcements from other states because so many claims are being filed here. From the estimates we have done for repair, it could cost anywhere between $500 and $1500 to repair it all. It won't be long before the rest of the sheet rock in the garage falls and caves in. And we are due for more bad weather this evening into tomorrow.
So, yeah, I am going to be MIA for a while I am sure.

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Crystal said...

Oh no!!! That catastrophe all over the place!! Well, I'll make it quick...I wanted to thank you for such a nice comment on my post! I appreciate....from one hot mama to another!!!! :) Good luck with that whole water flooding from the roof thing.