Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 days of Truth - Thirty (Last Day)

Day 30→ A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself. 

Apology in advance if this gets a bit conceited! *chuckles*

It is really hard to write such letters. 
I love country music. Do I love myself for having that kind of taste in that kind of music? Sure to an extent. That is more of a trait and preference. 

I find it hard to say "I love me because.....*insert reasons*" I am not sure why, I just find it hard to do. 

I love that I try to be a good mother. But, then again, I have my days like all parents do.

I love that I try to be my own unique self. I try to have my own sense of humor, my own personality and my own strong will. Some days, I am bland and boring. Other days, I am broken down in my heart and in my head and could care less about anyone or anything. 

I love how I can, at most times, be downright honest yet other times lie about the smallest thing if I know it will hurt someone's feelings. Example: Does this shirt look great on me? Ummm, ya sure but let's try a different color. While KNOWING the shirt makes the person look larger or is NOT a great shirt at all. 

I love how even when the world is crashing down on top of me, I can still break through all that and give a passer-by or a stranger a smile (while at work, in the store, at church, etc) because a smile can turn someone else's day into a brighter day. You never know what that other person is going through and could, in fact, be going through a lot worse than yourself. 

I love that I made these 30 days of truth seem like a piece of cake. 

Ooh cake....better get off and go bake the cake I have sitting in the pantry in the box ready for me to make!!!

Hope you had a great 30 days of truth and will follow me so I can follow your 30 days of truths. Now what do I do each day???

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