Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 10 - A Letter to Someone I Should Talk to More Often

Dear *****
It's funny how life throws you curve balls and instead of trying to hit them, we run from them. Well, at least you do. We dont talk as much anymore because, well, that is your fault. You can't accept the fact that someone other than you might be right. You can't accept the fact that someone might actually care about you and want the best for you. I never try to be bossy or tell you what to do or how to live your life. I just give you tips on the way. I enjoyed growing up and having late night chats with you, walking the mall together scoping out what people are wearing and what the heck they were thinking that morning, as well as many lunch/dinner dates having to get managers involved because waiters/waitresses S-U-C-K!
I do miss you and I miss talk to you. I am not going to buy you back into my life. I want you to come to me when you are ready. Unfortunately, that may be a long time as it has been about 4 months or so already. Doesn't seem like a long time but it is to me. I can't see you on Facebook nor Myspace (who has one of those now a days?) and if I send you a text it gets deleted I am sure as well as phone call going straight to voicemail.
Just know that I do care about you and I do love you. All I ever wanted for you was the best.
I grew up WAY too fast because of the situation we were all in and I wanted to be a good role model but I dont think I was that...and if I was, well then you didnt want to be anything like me. You are your own spunky self with an attitude yet a great head on your shoulders. I never wanted the worst for you but I feel you are slipping and slipping in a hole you can't get out of and you want to ask for help but just dont want to be seen as weak. Trust me, I have been there, done that. Yes, it is hard to ask for help but it feels great in the end. It really does!
Anyways, I am sure you will never read this and if you do, you probably wont read it all but either way, I miss you and love you and wish we would talk more often.

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The Frantic Mother. said...

I have a friend I would write the same letter to, the only difference is she knew I was right, and she lied to me. She lied not to make herself look better or even to protect herself. She lied to me and her boyfriend so he would not leave her. She lied for 9 months about being pregnant, then when the 9 months was up she lied some more and said she really thought she was. She never went to the doctor or anything. Claimed her mother would beat her if she found out. I should have known better, but I trusted her. She was my Best friend like a sister.