Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Im Dying!

Okay, no I am not. But that is how I feel.
Most moms would sit in front of their computer and talk about the funny things their kids say (I got a few of those) as well as the illnesses plaguing their homes or their kid's body!
Well, today I am to sit in front of my computer while I listen to the sounds of the ocean in BOTH ears.

While I listen to Notre Dame's bells in BOTH ears.

And while I feel like my ear drums are being banged on like a Gong

Yes, if you haven't figured it out...I have a double ear infection.
You are probably thinking, well duh, you told us that already in a previous post.
My ears have been hurting SOOOOO terribly bad the last few days I decided that I might as well suck up all my pride and go to the doctor.
He confirmed I have an ear infection.
I have to go later to pick up a prescription (not sure of what) as he emailed the pharmacy as well as some Mucinex-D. Not sure why as I dont have any nasal congestion.
Hopefully MORE meds in my system as well as a lot of rest (ya right...with work and a 4 yr old....ha) I will get better soon!
So if I dont post a lot, you know why!
 But I just found out on Spinach and Honey about putting Peroxide in the ears for an ear infection...check out the link!


Crystal said...

It is so terrible to have to mother while you are sick....I hate it! I feel for you!


Teresa said...

Thanks so much Crystal! I am glad to have my hubby at my side but I also have to work Full Time as well which makes it even worse! I will manage! Got meds in my system and trying to take it easy!

Carol said...

Hope ur feeling better very soon!