Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 1 - Letter to my Best Friend

I am starting the 30 day letter challenge today and today's challenge is to write a letter to my best friend. That is a bit tough for me as my ex is my best friend, my brother is my best friend and my mom is my best friend and those will come later on in the challenge.
I have an idea....I will write a letter to the person that USED to be my best friend.....will that work?
We met in 6th grade because our lockers were near each others. Also, I kind of felt bad for you as others were picking on you. We were great friends...until the end. We had slumber parties, movie days, scoping the mall for boys, writing secret admirer letters, as well as bringing in balloons and gifts to school during each of or birthdays.
Middle school came and went and high school approached us very fast. That is when things started to taper a bit in our friendship. Funny as high school, I feel, is the time when we need best friends the most. 

We still talked about boys, had slumber parties, went to the movies, did obnoxious things at Walmart on Friday nights, scoped the mall for more boys and even had our moments of not so best friend times. 
You said we would be best friends forever and that was a lie. I still feel we are friends but not like it was back then.
Men say "bros before hoes" but I say "best friends don't date their best friend's ex boyfriends". You tried to date a few of my boyfriends....exes.....many times and when I got back with them you tried to kill us all by flying down a city street at over 50 mph's when it is a 35 mph area. You then said I betrayed you and you hated me....for what??? Getting back with MY ex boyfriend at the time???? 

As we got older and high school was nearing, we would still try to hang out...we even started planning on going to the same college and getting an apartment together. You and I made plans to hang out, shop, etc and then those plans would end an hour or so before we were supposed to hang out all because you had a NEW best friend....someone you could drink with (underage), go dancing on bars/tables with, someone you could go to concerts with, etc. That grew old really fast. 
High school drama came and went...........then college came. You liked a guy that became my tutor and you lied to MY boyfriend (at the time) of what I was doing and my whereabouts and that caused me to lose a great guy. Oh, I forgot to add....which you ended up hooking up with and sleeping with later on. That is a NOT a best friend thing to do.
Now we are both married and I have the kids that you still long to have (and I pray that you will get your wish sooner rather than later) but there is still no excuse for how you treated me, how you lied to me, how you stabbed me in the back and how you just effortlessly let our friendship shrivel and die. 
I wish you a long and happy marriage. I wish you many kids to spoil. And I wish you a long happy life. 
Your ex-best friend


The Frantic Mother. said...

My mother always said Kill them With Kindness. I prefer the say what you mean and mean what you say way of life. A best friend is not supposed to act like she did, and you are a truly good person for wishing the best for those who do you wrong.

Billy said...

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