Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot Cocoa please!

This is my pup, Squirt. This is the sweater mommy made for Squirt. It still fits him too!
I made the sweater via a Knifty Knitter so if you want the pattern to this sweater you can check out Off The Loom and click here for the link to the doggie sweater. She has great loom patterns and easy to follow instructions on all her patterns.
It is getting that time of the year here in Texas....can we say FINALLY?!?!?! Today, I sat outside with hubby and had to put on pants, socks and a hoodie sweater. Eventually after 5 min of sitting outside, I went inside to make a cup of hot cocoa.
It is 67* outside...yes I am wuss when it comes to cold weather but dear hubby....check this out
He is in a Tshirt and pants up in the mountains of Tennessee 
 While I look like a big cold wuss wearing a sweater in cold windy weather in the same area!
He is warm blooded and I am not!!!! I cannot stand anything below 70* or else I complain it is too cold! BUT, I am just glad Texas is finally getting hoodie weather because I have missed my hoodies. I spend all winter in these bad boys!

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