Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Sound Like My Mother-Literally

The following is a night time conversation between the 4 yr old and I:

(Typically anywhere between 10-11pm)

Me: C'mon lil man, it is time for night night.

Lil Man: It's my night night time?

Me: Yes, sir it is. Make sure you give everyone hugs and kisses.

Lil Man: My give Kye Kye (how he pronounces Crichton...our dog) muah (kissing sound) and mmmmm (hug sound).

Me: No Crichton doesnt like hugs and kisses from you. Sorry.

Lil Man: My give Squr Squr (how he pronounces Squirt...our pup) muah and mmm.

Me: Okay, go give Squirt hugs and kisses. Gentle though.

Lil man: Mo? (how he pronounces lab)

Me: Outside (where she usually is)

We walk to his room and he gets in bed and then the following happens.

Lil Man: Oh, my fashligh (flashlight).

Me: Where is it?

Lil Man: I dont know.

Me: Is it upstairs? Under your pillow? In the living room? Go find it.

And he wonders up the stairs "mommy , my can't find it" and then he runs downstairs and in the living room "mommy, my no where it is" Ugh, then it is my turn and I find it right under his nose either on the couch, the coffee table or on the bar stool in the kitchen. Wow, that was hard!

Back to the bedroom we go.

Lil Man: Oh, my banket. (blanket)

Me: Where is that?

Lil Man: I dont know.

And here we go again.
After finding it we head back to the bedroom yet again. In my head I am thinking 3rd time is a charm, right?

Me: you really need to get all this stuff and stop stalling. (in my head I am saying: Oh I sound like my mom!)

Lil man: My not sall-y (stalling)

Me: And quit trying to be cute about it!

After he is all tucked in we exchange hugs and kisses.

Lil Man: My love you, mommy!

Me: I love you too

Lil Man: I see you morn (morning)

Me: I will see you in the morning too.

5-10 minutes later he is at his door.

Lil Man: Mommy! Mommy! (in a whisper)

Me: What?

Lil man: it dark.

Me: It is supposed to be dark. It is night night time.

Lil Man: My scared.

Me: You have 2 night lights and 2 flashlights.

Lil Man: Oh!

Me: Now go back to bed (sounding like my mother in the same tone of voice!)

We go back and forth for a while at this and then I listen to him talk to his toys until he is finally asleep about 30 min to an hour later.

That is my nightly routine.

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The Frantic Mother. said...

LOL Sounds like fun, at least your making good memories. Just think when your old and can't do anything for yourself and have lost half your mind, he may be saying the same stuff to you!