Friday, October 29, 2010

'Til Death Do Us Part

Even if it is over some questions and answers!
I interviewed my mother a while back and thought it would be fun to interview my hubby so you guys could get to know the man who annoys the snot out of me!

Dear Hubby in 2005.

This is the first time I am seeing these answers so I did not alter them.

1. What have you learned from life that makes you who you are today? 
WOW thats a pretty long list but a couple that come to mind are common sense and being a father.
2. What are your plans (goals) for the future? 
To strive everyday to be a better-father, husband, see my parents and sister more than once a year and to have a better income.
3. How do you visualize the perfect woman? What are her attributes?
To be semi smart, have common sense, affectionate, loves kids, enjoys traveling when the opportunity arrives and enjoys the simple things in life and one who hates drama (he must not be talking about me then because I am VERY smart, have a lot of common sense, can be affectionate, I adore kids when they are cute and aren't annoying, loves to travel but dont get to do it often and I enjoy simple things and hate drama but drama always finds me)
4. What is it that you don’t like about your partner?  
There is nothing i dont like about you, you are who you are and thats your personality and i do not wish to change that for myself, even though it may seem like it at times
5. Do you think that in a relationship that you have to bare your whole soul to your partner, or is it okay to keep some things private? 
Depends on the trust you have with one another and depends on your personality-lots can contribute to this answer
6. What is the most adventurous activity you would like both of us to do together? 
Well there is two that come to mind- 1- to continue our lives together, to have more kids and be financially stable. 2- to go to Ireland and Scotland for 2 weeks and roam the countryside and stay at a bed and breakfast every night
7. What is your idea of a fun day? 
Being with my family, doesnt matter what we are doing!!
8. Are there household responsibilities you believe to be the sole domain of a man or a woman? Why do you believe this?
9. Is it important that you and your partner have friends in common?  
Would be nice but not mandatory
10. Do you remember the exact date you and your partner first met and what you did on your first date?
Not the exact date and yes (at least he is honest)
Dear Hubby and I early 2006---I was pregnant in this photo with lil man

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