Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Doctors

What a fun *sarcasm* last couple weeks it has been. This time it was not me.
I got a call from dear hubby while I was at work last night informing me that our black lab, Moya, bit lil man.
Dont let her innocent look fool you! 

It wasn't that bad of a bite but she is due for her shots and I didnt want to take any chances so I took lil man to the doctor today.
He threw a fit over the scale and acted as if it had the plague so I had to stand on it, weigh myself (still 139 weight gain or loss since last week when I went to doctor) and then I had to hold lil man and get weighed again. Oh that was soooo NOT fun. They never did tell me how much lil man weighs.
Then lil man screamed and almost injured himself while they were trying to take his temperature with the thermometer you roll across your head. So, again I had to hold him and hold his head so they could check his temp. It was a normal 98.2*
We got the room and he threw a fit there as well and they didnt do anything but check his lungs which he was screaming bloody murder during as well as ears and throat but he wouldn't open his mouth.
His hand is okay (where he was bit) it is just swollen so we have some VERY expensive oral antibiotics as well as a topical cream for his bite on his hand.
THEN....the fun REALLY begins. I get a call saying the nurse misread the paperwork and he has to go back later this afternoon for a tetanus shot. NO BUENO. EVERY SINGLE TIME we go to the doctor, I always tell him it is just a check up and no shots will be given but NOOOOOOO each and every single time he ends up having one or more shots. Geez a loo!

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