Monday, October 11, 2010

Photo time

I dont normally post photos unless it is to my Photography Blog which I have noticed has some broken links so I have to fix that or you can check out my Photography Website as it has some photos as well on there...duh.
Either way, these are cell phone photos or just random every day photos.

My lil he is not choking Squirt...the pup. I told them BOTH to look at the camera and he was a bit upset pup wasn't looking so he tried to make him look at the camera.

Squirt the pup after a haircut and bath. He was not sure about being on top of mommy's car but he wanted near mommy

Those are all the new ones I have uploaded from my phone so far but many more will come!!!!
Love my babies!!!!!

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Noelle said...

CUTE photos! Thanks for your comment about mine :o) I am now following you back :D