Sunday, October 3, 2010

Face Paint, Games, Raffles- OH MY!!!

Face Painting

Book Signing



Charm Bracelet Parties

Batman visits

Oh my...what do we NOT having going on at work for our Grand Opening?
It is funny as we have some kids who are shy about getting their face painted and I tell them "if you paint your face, I will have a mustache painted on mine" and they get it done but I have yet to do the mustache! I think it would be funny and a great fun thing in a toy store but then there comes the part I am manager and I am not sure many would take me seriously! Ahhhh, you can't be serious in a toy store!!! It is all fun and pun intended!
The first day we had a great day but no real fun activities except a raffle: easel, giraffe, some legos, some games and an signed Ugly Doll
Yesterday, we had Batman come out to pass out candy and not Dora the Explorer. I guess those 2 had a talk and thought it more suitable that Dora is not allowed at a toy store passing out candy to strangers without her parents supervision and Batman is grown and saves the world!!!! Hoorah Batman! We also had many faces painted, we had the authors of Fox and the Mountain come out and sign the books. They are local authors and they were great to have. We also still had our raffles going on.
Today we are having a Mogo party which is a magnetic charm bracelet. The creator is coming to give away free charms with the purchase of a bracelet or a tin of charms!!! Come support us!!! We will have more face painting and more raffles!!!!

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