Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary

Unfortunately, like most working moms, I had to work on my wedding anniversary. That is okay because I made BY MYSELF over $500 worth of sales (at a toy store) and I was proud of myself! On a normal day I make $90-$150 and that is NOTHING. Anyways, hubby and lil man came up to surprise me at work. I was ringing up a customer and saw someone walking to the counter and I was about to ask "hi, can I help you find anything?" When I realized it was them!
Hubby brought me these:
And lil man got me this:
(Sorry for the poor quality...taken with my crackberry blackberry)
After I got off work, I went home, freshened up and then we drove around trying to figure out what we were really going to do for our anniversary!
We went to eat at Gloria's. Gloria's is like a Tex-Mex restaurant that also offers Salvadoran food. Yummy! We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the decent weather and had some great conversations. The best part of not the weather, and not the food....but the fact we didnt have kids interrupting us!
Following dinner, we walked up to the AMC theater (in the mall) and bought our tickets to see M. Night's "Devil". I am a big M.Night fan. Surprisingly, well not to me...because I feel all his movies are great....this was AWESOMELY great!!! It has a story to it and a meaning behind it and it is a great movie to watch if you are just feeling like you are in Hell and trapped.
After getting tickets, we went to Dick's sporting goods to take a look around wasting time and chatting some more.
Holding hands all night long, we then went to the nearest Halloween store to see if they had any gargoyles that sorta look like this just dont like up and "cuter" looking to go on our fireplace mantle.
No luck there, so we went back to Dick's as we thought it was going to rain and they had gargantuan sized umbrellas. Never did get one!
Off to Gamestop to look for new games for the boys for Christmas. We got lil man "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs" video game and the step son will get "Iron Man" video game.
Then we headed to the theater to watch the movie. 
It was all in all a great night! 
Mother Nature did show up and ALMOST ruin it for me (not the rain....the one that brings the monthly gift!) but thank God she was calm for the night! *chuckles* 
(She likes to show up on holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, name it...always trying to ruin it for me but she has yet to really RUIN anything!)

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Carol said...

Congrats on your 5th Wedding Anniversary!

The flowers look gorgeous.