Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fly Lady??? Whateva!!!!

Okay, I admit, I was once a Flybaby but I have gotten way too busy to be that anymore and moved on to being just a regular full time mommy who cleans her house when it is bugging her the most!
Tonight, I am proud to say I shined my sink, cleaned my counters, HAND WASHED my pots and pans (only because my dishwasher hates to wash them and doesn't get them clean) and I cleaned my stove! Yes, I did it all in only about 2 hours. And only with hot water and Lysol!

Shiny Sink

Shiny sink...and the rag I used to shine it with hanging to dry

Holy crud...was so busy I forgot I even "shined" my dishwasher! See the floor reflecting in it!

And my shiny stove. 
I love a clean house....especially a clean kitchen----my domain!

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