Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 11-A Letter to a Deceased Person

To my Grammy,

Oh, how I miss you. It’s been a short while since you have passed on, and even though time continues to move, my heart just stands still and remembers. You were so full of life and filled to the brim with love for your family.

Sometimes when Mom laughs, I see your smile and hear your laughter.

I remember many drives with you to town or to the local McDonald's to visit family. Swimming in the condo swimming pool and how you had to search high and low for the pool key, and getting in trouble for smacking my gum and popping bubbles. I remember many summers there in Ohio and I regret not being able to travel there the past few years of your life. I remember your hugs.

My heart breaks because you left before you were able to meet my husband or my son and now you wont be able to see him grow, but I believe you are looking down on all of us and watch us each and every day.

I still have the things from your house that I felt I could use or wanted for memory sake. I even bought your car, Lizzie, only to have her "pass on" and it broke my heart just as much as it did the day I found out you were gone from this Earth. Just thinking about it now, my throat is starting to get tight and my eyes are filling up with tears.

Moving on.

I miss you so much. And I love you still.

God bless your soul and may you rest in peace. Just save a spot up there for all of us and we will have one big party when we meet again. Maybe I will bring some extra gum for you! *chuckles*

Photo Courtesy: Wendy: my mom and my Grammy (her mother) in 2008

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