Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Tawt of You

Here is the back story. I grew up drinking 2% milk. When I moved in with hubby in 2004 he always drank Whole milk so for the past 6 yrs I have been drinking whole milk and on occasion 2%. Well, lately, hubby has had his brain elsewhere and has been buying 1%. Some say you can't tell the difference.....well I can. I have very strong taste buds.
Last night, I was going to make stroganoff for dinner but didn't have enough milk so I ended up making the boys and I some hamburgers.
Either way, I woke up this morning to find this:

Front: "I Tawt of you today!"

Inside: "I did! I did! I weally did tink of you!" Signed by my dear hubby!

The sign on the door of the fridge: "Milk in Fridge"

Opened fridge to find 2 new gallons of whole milk in our fridge!!! YAY!!!!

My hubby so sweet........when he wants to be! *chuckles*


Crystal said...

You know- they can really irritate the snot out of us....and then they do something totally self-less and sweet like getting the milk...and it melts your heart all over again. They're keepers!!

Teresa said...

I agree Crystal. He even tells me it is his life's goal to annoy the crap out of me and make my life a living hell but he can be great! Especially with me working full time and going through all this stuff I am going through at work!