Thursday, October 28, 2010


I found this on Live, Laugh, Love with the Pondering Princess and thought it was neat so I am going to give it a go. It also gets me out of the "funk" mood I was in when typing that last blog entry.

I am: not sure what will happen the final months of the year or my job but....
I know: things will get better as God has a plan for me and I have to have faith in Him
I want: appreciation for all I do
I have: to realize I have so many people in my life that do appreciate and care for me.
I wish: I could just stop seeing the negative and move on with the positive.
I hate: drama and I don't need it in life.
I miss: my grandparents, my uncle, and everyone that has passed before me.
I fear: that my family will not have a great Christmas.
I feel: like a failure at times
I hear: the annoying buzzing of my husband's HUGE modem and it is annoying
I smell: the Penne Rosa that I made for dinner hours ago.
I crave: something sweet yet something salty...who has chocolate covered pretzels?
I search: for appreciation of all I do and acceptance of who I am.
I regret: so much I have never done and so much of the time I have taken away from my family while working
I love: my family
I care: very much about my family
I always: worry about my family, worry about money and worry about those that I dont hear from for a while.
I believe: God has a plan for me...what it is, I have yet to figure that one out.
I dance: when I am cleaning...if there is music on.
I sing: in the car and sometimes in the shower (if I am alone in the house)
I don’t always: go about things the right way and I don't always take the opinions of others.
I truly desire: to have friends that can accept me for who I am and that I can share anything and everything with.
I like: sleeping in until the mid afternoon and I like my puppy when he curls up next to me when he knows I am depressed as he can cheer me up. 
I write: to get it all out as I am the queen of bottling things up inside.
I lose: my mind when people dont listen and I have to tell them a million times.
I win: when I do something to make myself proud.
I try: hard to make others proud and happy
I never: stop until I have met my goal
I am grateful: that I have a mother who is very understanding and loving and that I can share anything with.
I listen: to upbeat songs to get me in a good mood
I am scared: to fly and to lose those that I care deeply about.
I need: to stop beating myself up and see the positive in everything.
I am happy that: I have a place to lay my head, friends I can talk to in times of need, parents who care about me, siblings and children to teach me life's hardest lessons.
I tag: anyone who would like to play

Just leave a comment and the link to your blog if you decide to play along.


Pam Ponder said...

I am glad you liked that one its fun to find out about yourself when questions are right in front of for those chocolate covered pretzels I don't have any now but will be making them the first of December!!! maybe I will send you some if your a good girl..LOL

Teresa said... a good is that? LOL j/k! That would be awesome. If you were to do a giveaway of choc covered pretzels I would so blow up your blog comment section! LOL