Sunday, October 24, 2010


Puffy Mid-Section

People Make me Sick

Pissy Mood Syndrome

That is how I feel. Actually not really pissy but I will be if 1) we aren't busy at work because I am by myself lonely self for 6 hours today with NOTHING to do and 2) if we are busy yet no one buys anything.
Our goals for the weekend is $1000-$2000 a day....ummm....we barely make $500 on the weekends and this weekend it has been raining. The sun is out today so I dont want to hear any excuses.
I just want to stay curled up on the couch with a heating pad and a tall glass of milk. Midol and milk have entered my system 40 min ago but I am just waiting for it to kick in. I can understand women having to go through this every month (and if you dont, dont comment! LOL) but geez a loo mother nature....knock off the punching bag feeling in my uterus please!
I guess there is always a good side to this...well means that since I am regular I am fertile for more babies (dont ask when because I do not know) and it means that I wont have the monthly visitor on Halloween! YAY!!!
Anyways, enough of female talk for my male readers or just women readers who could care less!
I think my ear infection is back...this time just in one ear. I have been taking my antibiotics every day and every night but it still hurts!
I am ready for my day off tomorrow. I get to go pick up some ornaments I ordered from The Ornament Patch (check out the new giveaway if you haven't already. It ends tomorrow and I will actually pick the winner this evening when I get home from work so therefore if you are a winner NOT in Texas, we can get your shipping address and mail it to you so you can get it before Halloween! ENTER ENTER ENTER
Well I better stop rambling about nothing as I have to go find my shoes, eat some breakfast and get to work within the next 40 minutes.

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Dizzy C said...

Hope u feel brighter soon.
I used to get very bad PMT and although it is not so bad these days I get so tearful and so tired.

Like the old saying goes, if men had monthlys there would be days off every month!