Monday, October 25, 2010

Life Through the Eyes of a Child

I found this great post on a blog called Work, Wife, Mom...Life and thought it was great. It was so great, I am going to copy. Not because I want to be like other bloggers *chuckles* but also because I got my lil man a camera for Christmas last year and I have tried to keep up with the photos he takes.

The jet skis in the backyard 
Daddy's grill mommy got him for Father's Day last year

Crazy "cul cul" (uncle) on Thanksgiving last year.

Some of his cars laying in the middle of the floor...where mommy (the klutz) can step on them

His photo he colored in his Ice Age coloring book.

Proof that mommy mopped the floor and cleaned and that we got a new pack of toilet paper!

And last but not least, the after math AFTER mommy cleans! Then we know it is time to DESTROY the house yet again

If your child has a camera or if you passed your camera to your child, what would they take photos of?

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