Thursday, October 7, 2010

3x Thursday: Pets vs Kids

I am trying something new as I need to keep my blog up and interesting now that 30 days of truth are over with...unless I can find another 30 days...and another....and another...and.........well you get the point.

1. Pick one: pets or kids. Why?
Pets......because they dont talk back to you, they eat all their dinner with no fuss, they will lay in your lap and stay still for a long time, and they sleep all night and all day!
Kids....because they talk to you so you dont look like the crazy Mrs. Doolittle to your neighbors, because they do and say the silliest things, because you can get hugs and kisses from them that melt your heart and you can give them a bath and they dont smell of wet dog smell afterwards!
Either way they both mess on your carpet so that is not a selling point!

2. Do you think that someone can have both pets and kids and be an effective parent to both? Why/why not?
Im sure of it. I have 3 dogs and 2 kids and a husband and I feel I am an effective parent. My child has yet to break down in the middle of Walmart in a screaming rage at something he did not get. My child has yet to go into a store and run around like a hoodlum...yes I just called your child a hoodlum if they run WILD around stores and you let them!!! My child has yet to go into a store and break items.....just went through afew of those this week at work. My child KNOWS the word "no" and listens very well. My child is a very well mannered and well behaved child.
My dogs know WHEN to get in their bed, they understand the word "no" and they know if they do good they will get a treat and if they do bad they will go outside til mommy has cooled down and forgave them. 

3. What’s your ideal pet?
One that doesn't mess on your carpet or chew up your shoes, the kids' toys, books, puzzles and doesn't beg! Maybe I just have the wrong pet....turtles, frogs, fish....those sound like perfect pets!

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