Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 4 - Letter to a Sibling

Dear James,
I don't always say it, but I am very proud of you. Even though I technically have 2 baby brothers, you are my ONE AND ONLY baby brother and my best friend. We are like twins as we can finish each others' sentences as well as just look at each other and know what we are thinking.
I have always felt the closest to you out of all the other siblings. I don't really remember anything about the day you were born but then again, I dont remember a lot back then. I do remember packing our things in pillow cases and telling mom we wanted to "run away" and move out when we were still in elementary school. I remember chasing you home after you were made fun of and you cried the whole way back. I remember walking home from school with you. I remember laying on the floor of Grammy's living room coming up with words that sounded funny: fork, turtle, etc. I remember my 'Favorite" younger past time when we swapped turns being the "Scream" character and sat in the front yard on Halloween and scared kids as well as the older folk! Talk about a great time!
When it came time for me to get married, you were like a savior and stepped into dad's shoes and walked me down the aisle. I trusted you more than him anyways and I am so glad you agreed to walk me down to (now) hubby and give me away. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Then when it came time for lil man's birth, you scheduled time to come back home to Texas from Florida and visit. It was a great time even though it was short spent. I loved all those times you would come home and visit. I was more excited when I found out you were moving back home!!!!
I was "more excited than a tornado in a trailer park" *chuckles*
We were inseparable then. We were together every weekend and a couple days of the week. We spent time at the mall, your....ur....empty...apartment (but it was still great times), my house and even went on vacations together. I am trying to hold back tears while writing this as those were great times and even though I am working full time now, I sit and think "man, to just have him back home and have those great times again." I miss them! I miss you!
I have watched you go from a terrific, funny person to a person in need back to a strong, independent person. You have become one of the most special people I know and you have made me laugh more than anyone else I know. I thank you for that. I thank you for all the times I was down and you lifted my spirits. I thank you for all the crazy times we have had together. I thank you for all the dull times we have together...because we were still together. I thank you for putting up with my board game fetish and helping me put together puzzles. I also thank you for getting up early in the morning to go Black Friday shopping with me. That was a blast! I thank you for all you have done in the past 25 yrs for me and I thank you for the 25 yrs to come!!!!! Most of all....I thank you for being my bestest friend and baby brother and for being THE BEST uncle to my lil man!!!!
(Taken By myself: Photography By Teresa)
(Taken after we colored each other's hair)

(Taken after we saw "Stars on Ice" and killing time while waiting for parents to get home)

(Chillin' in the parents' backyard)

(Taken at Target around Xmas 09...he sure knows how to make me laugh)

(Taken at Walmart around Halloween 09....that was a great day)

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The Frantic Mother. said...

LOL I am glad you and your brother have a good relationship. Me and my elder brother can't get along, and my little brother and me are 2 far apart in age to really hang out.