Monday, October 18, 2010

Goats, Donkeys, Horses---OH MY

Tonight dear hubby and I took step son and lil man to the pumpkin patch.
Here are just some photos to share.

My Dear Hubby

Lil Man feeding the goats. He said this was his favorite part of the pumpkin patch

Donkey telling lil man about the next Shrek movie...I swear that is what they were talking about!

My buddy from last year (photo way down below)

My new handsome buddy this year

Me with the handsome man again

Me, the handsome man and my lil handsome man
Pumpkins galore

Lil man and a lil man sized pumpkin
Lil man showing off his pumpkin
Lil Man in the pumpkins
Left to Right: Step Son, Lil Man, Dear Hubby
Dear Hubby and I

Lil man and step son (both have hay in their mouths *chuckles*
Here are some photos from last year

Lil man fedding the goats (yes it was a bit more chilly last year than this and he has more hair!)

Me and my buddy (mentioned above) And yes I had longer hair and had a few more curves

The boys on the hay with the scare "boys" (this year it was scare "girls" and the boys were wearing shorts)

Mommy and lil man (no squinting)
I hope you enjoyed the post of photos (yes quite a bit of them to look at) and if you are in the Dallas Texas area, we went to the Owen's Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Richardson, TX. 

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