Monday, October 4, 2010


Mogo? What the heck??? What is Mogo??? I am sure that is what is traveling through your brain right now.
I will tell you what Mogo is!!!
It all started with rescue animals. I grew up on a horse ranch and my Dad was always rescuing horses from the "auction" house and bringing them home.
My first "rescued" pony was Benjamin BJ Puppydog. He didn't go very fast so he soon acquired the nickname Mo-Go, which we would yell to try to get him to pick up the pace. Since Mo-Go, I've owned lots of rescue animals including bunnies, cats, dogs and more horses—they have been true and loyal friends. My current rescues are Patrick, an Italian Greyhound, and my beautiful cat, Rosie.
The actual idea for MOGO came from my work with rescue horses on a farm in Woodinville, Washington. I was trying to fix horse blankets and had an idea that I could use magnets to replace the worn out velcro. That idea didn't work out so well, BUT... it did lead me to the tack shop to look for more ideas. While in the tack shop, with "magnets" on my brain, I spied the jewelry case and all of a sudden, it just clicked—magnets as charms for a new and different, modern charm bracelet! Since it all started with horses, I thought that the nickname of my first pony was perfect. And that's how MOGO was born.-Paige Clark  Founder, MOGO Design Inc.

MOGO is a brand new product and the great thing about it is that it is more than just a charm bracelet. You can link two charmbands together to make a choker or ankle band, three make a headband and four or more linked together are a belt or a long necklace. And they are fully adjustable, just link thee elastic band to the second or third rivet and voila, it’s smaller!

I was able to meet with one of the MOGO sales people at our store Learning Express Toys and was offered a complimentary MOGO band with a complimentary MOGO letter to sell the product.

Here I am wearing my MOGO bracelet.
They are awesome. Check out MOGO to find a store near you and get your MOGO not MOJO.....MOGO!!!!!!!!

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