Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 9 - A Letter to Someone I Wish I Could Meet

I am getting bad at these 30 day challenges..with other blog stuff going on, being a full time mommy and full time WORKING mommy, I get sidelined.
Anyways, here is a letter to someone I wish I could meet!

To my teenage self:
I very much so wish that I could back to this time to talk to you. Well and for many other reasons as well but for now it is just to talk to prep you for the coming years. Also, to be a friend you could talk to even though then you had...or thought you had...a best friend and talking to your parents wasn't "cool" then! If I could go back in time to meet you, this is what I would say:

The upcoming years wont be so easy, in fact you will find some times that are hard to get through and also so times that will play games with your heart. You would go through things that not many your age (at least not many you know) go through> In the end, you will become a stronger more confident person because of these things.

You will find some friends along the way but none that will become your "BFF" or "bestie" and you will find your best friend isn't such a best friend after all. You might also make a few from church, school or elsewhere unhappy, a bit angry or unforgiving as well but those times will pass, trust me! I would say you would fall in and out of love several times but in fact you only fell in love once and truly never fell out of it. School would be a breeze and pass you by faster then you would expect and you would wish to go back to re-do a few things and slow time down.

You would think at times God was playing a big joke on you but rest assured He is just putting things in your way to direct you down the path He wants has planned for you. At times you might feel He is not there with you, but I pray you never give up hope and always try your very best to trust in Him and find positive in every day you are alive.

You will become very hard on yourself and expect the best out of yourself but just relax and give yourself a break. You are the person you are and don't let anyone change that or define who you are. God made you the way He did for a reason so don't let others talk you down and always be true to yourself.
Stay strong and be fearless! The world is big and you never know what is around the bend. Never give up hope on the world or yourself and just remember to keep trying.

In the very end you will become a more mature, strong and confident young lady than you were then all because of what will happen during these times.
Remember everyone loves you and the world is not against you. I love you and no matter what happens or what anyone says, I will never let you go and I will always be true to you.

Your best friend,
Your 26 year old self


Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

What a great letter. You're only 26?? Wow. I wish we could all go back & tell ourselves things like this!

Warmly, Michelle

Teresa said...

Thanks! Yes I am ONLY 26...for another month and 9 days! LOL...then I will be 27!