Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reading at the moment

Dizzy C's Little Book Blog got me hooked on books now that I am unsure of my job situation. Thought I would have more time to read.
Either way, I took lil man to the local library yesterday and am reading"The Invisible Circus" written by Jennifer Egan

Incerpt: The 1960s seem to have had a pervasive influence on the lives of those who were young then. Phoebe O'Connor saw those years in terms of her older sister Faith's life and death. In 1978, 18-year-old Phoebe decides to relive the final months of Faith's life and perhaps discover the truth about her death. She leaves San Francisco for Europe, determined to retrace Faith's journey using the precious postcards from Faith that she has saved for ten years. She visits London, Amsterdam, France, and Germany, where she meets Faith's lover, Wolf. Wolf decides to accompany her to Italy, and they have a passionate, feverish affair as they travel to the place of Faith's death. Phoebe learns the truth about Faith, the sister she has idealized, and about herself and her family.

I am on chapter 3...I told you I just went yesterday to the library and I started reading about 10pm last night. So far it has been really great and if I could get off blogger, I am sure I could have it read by tonight.

Lil man LOVES the following and wants me to read them over and over, so I recommend them for your preschooler.

A classic that I plan on buying for him as we dont own this one yet:

 This is definitely and easy read and it rhymes
Another easy read


Dizzy C said...

Hey Teresa,
I find reading takes me away from whatever is on my mind more than watching TV cos it is easier for my mind to wander staring at the tv.

Enjoy ur book! :)

carol x

Teresa said...

Thanks so much. I am not big on book reviews...hated them as a child ha ha but I will def give you guys a review of this one when I am done!